General Information

General Information for Applicants 

  1. The candidate shall submit to the Secretary of the Society a duly accomplished application form, letter of intent, certification of training with all the supporting documents and recommendation letter from the Research Committee (see Checklist of Requirements for Applicants) on or before April 15 of each year.  This shall be the reference date for the duration of training and years of practice.1.1 For those retaking the examinations, their letter of intent should include the date/s of previous examinations.1.2 Foreign graduates should have completed an accredited three-year Newborn Medicine fellowship training program. If board certified in country of training, they must submit relevant documentation.
  2. All duly accomplished application forms with all supporting documents filed on time shall be deliberated on during the regular SB meeting at most two (2) months before the examination.
  3. Upon request of a member of the SB, decision for certification of any applicant may be postponed to the next regular meeting for further deliberation.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to follow up the status of the application.
  5. Upon completion of all the requirements for Diplomate, a certificate shall be issued only after the Diplomate takes their oath before an officially designated Inducting Officer at a designated time and place.  The effectivity of the Diplomate status commences on the date specified in the certificate.
  6. If the candidate is unable to take the examination within three (3) years of graduation from an accredited training program, they will require certification of at least six (6) months of refresher course in any PSNbM accredited training program.
  7. There will be a non-refundable application fee as determined by the BOT for all candidates.
  8. A candidate should take and pass both the written and oral examinations within three (3) years from graduation.
  9. If the candidate is unable to comply with above, he/she will be required to submit certification of having undertaken at least six (6) months of refresher course in any PSNbM accredited training program.